GreenScreen Entertainment & Novelties, LLC

4727 E. Bell Rd. Suite 45-504 Phoenix, AZ
Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, mitzvah, quinceanera, house party, or some other occasion, what will make your event special? We have the answer! GreenScreen Entertainment & Novelties rapidly produces a variety of unique, high-quality gifts for guests ON-SITE at events in a very entertaining format. Choose from incredible photographic, video, and non-photographic products. Magazine covers and backgrounds; PhotoFun; Photographic, airbrush, or custom tee shirts; Motorcycle, jet ski, or snow mobile ride (actual equipment with green screen virtual background added - DVD of performance included); flip books, music video, certificates with birthday, anniversary, and meaning of the guest's name, airbrush tattoos. Beautiful custom-made art available to fit themes, logos, branding. Courteous, delightful staff. Make your next party the talk of the town. Book something NOW that is truly different, fun, and exciting for your special day!
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