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Cameron Kelly is a DJ based out of Philadelphia, PA. Cameron is no stranger to House Music, nor the global community, having made a household name for himself between his radio shows on well known internet radio stations, playing for dance floors across the country, or holding down the sound, message and ideology of House Music wherever he has resided. You or someone you know has certainly crossed paths with this lovable weirdo at some point. Cameron started his journey as an audiophile when gifted his first phonograph at the very young age of 4. Influenced by Cajun sounds off his Granny and Paw Paw’s records from deep in the Louisiana bayous, in the heart of Dixieland; 60s / 70s rock and his mother’s 80s pop and 70s disco 45s, Cameron's rich musical history of diverse and soulful melodies reflect the spectrum of sounds he encountered from the streets of his hometown, New Orleans. The self proclaimed “Disco influenced, Jazz inspired, soulful, techy, sprinkled with acid House DJ... with an occasional Techno Problem,” Cameron loves to let his roots of New Orleans shine through as he teases you with his 30 years active study of House Music and Disco while sprinkling it with Acid before he serves it to the dance floor. Cameron has worked with known artists and producers such as Derrick Carter, Roland Clark, Terry Mullan, Demarkus Lewis, J. Caprice, J Lettow, Karl Almaria, Andrew Emil, Sunshine Jones, and Scrubfish/Torrfisk and so many others. Cameron currently resides in the birthplace of Disco and, when he isn’t teaching culinary arts or crate digging with his husband, Cameron can be found playing music for eager souls down by the river, at a happy hour, or at an after-hours. Cameron’s side ventures include A&R and Marketing for Simplistic Music Company, a Dallas-based independent record label. Whether it be through his culinary creations, or his performances, Cameron Kelly strives to feed your soul. His performances are a journey that you can choose to join him or not. Cameron’s trying to make his booty shake, and yours will follow suit.

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