Voorhies Entertainment Group LLC

1091 Pine Oak ln, Pasadena, CA

About Voorhies Entertainment Group LLC

Affordable HD Videography services offered. Best in the Biz. 20yrs. Experience. We offer affordable pricing, well within your budget and entertain your guests with quality Video & Sound production. We also offer HD Video Production & Digital Editing services as well as Pro Photography.

Package Pricing

Attendees: 20-500 | $125 /hour
Pricing for all event types
  • Special Features: https://betterproposals.io/proposal/cover?ProposalID=K8t8mb8iRj0nk-KXcx1vwhrtorWULcX8uzt5IeN6Zm0&ContactID=5Rxj_nP2_oyWqlzzxCN05S6XkHGxHRQM_8F89n5At7w