Comedy Hypnosis Show

24 N Mentor Ave Pasadena, CA
^ MEOW MEOW^ , "The Queen of Hypnosis," is putting people to sleep in the city that never sleeps. ^MEOW MEOW^ blends uproarious comedy, ingenious creativity, masterful showmanship, into a show that leaves audiences both spellbound and completely entertained. Starring ^ MEOW MEOW^ and Featuring Hypnolarious is a ONE night per week PG-13 rated show starring ^ MEOW MEOW^ is the only female hypnotist in Las Vegas, and wows her audience with her unique perspective, which is a nice break from the male dominated field of entertainment. This show has tremendous family appeal, and just completed a very successful 18 years Worldwide touring. ^MEOW MEOW* is so excited about calling the Hypnotic Lounge her new home at WORLD FAMOUS CITY - LAS VEGAS. ^MEOW MEOW^, brings a fresh, smart and spontaneous approach to all of her work. In 2016, Meow Meow ventured to Las Vegas to start her career in stage comedy Hypnosis. In 1998, She studied in the Medical Hypnosis & Stage Hypnosis Program at Hypnotherapy Training Institute – Specially Trained by World Famous - The Dean Of American Hypnotists " Ormond McGill " & Randal Churchill, Also ^ MEOW MEOW ^ is International Hypnosis Org, Member of A.C.H.E With nightly gigs at Las Vegas / Los Angels venerable clubs, ^Meow Meow's^ status quickly grew and she became an integral part of the city's comedy scene. ^ MEOW MEOW ^ is unique in the world of hypnosis. First of all, she is a woman a nice break from this male dominated field of entertainment. Secondly, she didn't have the pretentiousness that plague most hypnotists. ^ MEOW MEOW^ is charming and personable, and the feeling was much more of a friend doing parlor tricks for the fun and enjoyment of it all; rather than the, "I am the master, and you are my puppet" atmosphere that most hypnotists create." says Chuck Ferderick.
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