Classic Disc Jockeys

Orlando, FL

About Classic Disc Jockeys

A long time ago, there was a Bride that changed everything. She said the one thing that all brides, grooms, and couples fear... "Wedding receptions are boring. They're all the same." WOW. That opened my eyes. How many couples (and guests) felt the same way? Spoiler alert: a LOT. Are you worried about wedding DJs using outdated techniques? You've seen DJs who resort to cheap party tricks, balloon hats, and blow-up guitars. Or worse... the dreaded Chicken Dance. Yuck! So what separates a mediocre DJ from an exceptional DJ? It's about creating an updated, fresh approach to your wedding entertainment. YOUR Wedding Reception should tell YOUR Story. YOU can have the Orlando Wedding DJ who has hosted over 1000 receptions. YOU can have the Wedding Reception Blueprint® ...not available from any other DJ in Orlando. YOU can have a stylish, contemporary reception- that tells YOUR story. It's fun, exclusive, and ridiculously EASY. Everybody understands that wedding planning is stressful, and there can be no "do-overs." Discover the secrets for a unique, modern reception that gets it right. What are you waiting for? GET THE PARTY STARTED. Do you want the most elegant, fun, and creative entertainment possible? Your Wedding Reception is so much more than just a guy- pressing a button- to play music. Let's see if we are a "right-fit" for each other. I can't wait to show you the Wedding Reception Blueprint®... it's awesome!