Beau Designer

1908 Lake Heritage Circle, Orlando, FL

About Beau Designer

Over the years, Beau Designer has been able to expand from creating only graphic designs to music recording, event planning, videography, photography, and artwork. Many networking connections were achieved as Beau Designer has teamed up with photographers, artists, videographers and event planners from various areas. Beau is derived from the french language meaning beautiful. Hence, making a beautiful designer available to make your project a reality. Our goal is to take each project and make it as unique as the client who wishes to display it. Whether it may be an event or flyer, we want to make sure that it reflects who you or your company are while making it stand out. We will continually work on your project to achieve satisfactory results. Here at Beau Designer, we want you to leave as a satisfied and elated customer, ready to show off your creation.