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About Allstar Entertainment Event Services LLC

We offer our services throughout Central Florida with professionalism, courtesy, and energy. As does most great histories, this one begins in a big city, New York City to be exact. Peter Sulzona was born in Brooklyn surrounded by the rhythm and sounds of his Latin culture. As a child, his parents moved to Puerto Rico. Inspired by the music and traditions of La Isla Del Encanto, Peter began dj-ing at local events. Taking the name DJ All Star, he developed his career in local radio stations. In early adulthood he went to college, got married, and had children. He moved to Florida to raise his children and put dj-ing on a brief hold. In 2007, DJ All Star returned to his passion. He headlined many clubs in Central Florida and became one of the first djs to host teen nights in the area. His daughter became intrigued by her father’s skills and began to watch him more closely. Hungry for knowledge and thirsty for beats Joann aka Tuty started to spin her own music. As his name became known and demand for his talent increased, DJ All Star began to form his company. In 2010, All Stars Entertainment was started, with his wife and co-founder Johanna and their protégé, their daughter, DJ J-Nice. All Stars Entertainment has grown into a multifunctional company. From collaborating with multiple radio and TV personalities in Florida to headlining fashion shows and stages at Calle Orange, the talent is limitless. All Stars Entertainment has incorporated event coordination into their business. Under the knowledge and skill of Johanna Sulzona, many weddings, Sweet 16, and Quinceañera dreams have come true. Contact us at 4_0_7_8_1_8_3_3_4_4 or Djallstar6868