Actors With a Clue! LLC

Orlando, FL
About Actors With a Clue! LLC
Actors With a Clue! creates custom murder mystery programs, scavenger hunts and other interactive events. You may have come across similar companies in the past, and I want to show you how Actors With a Clue! differs: 1. No overdone weekly shows to prevent oversaturation. 2. Shows can be customized, and new ones are added every year so they are always fresh and entertaining. 3. Far from the two-actor "make the audience do all the work" murder mystery shows, these are professional productions with professional actors/singers, crew, sound and more. Versions for the public and versions for the corporate & social groups make for a truly fun and personalized experience. 4. My custom scavenger hunts are fully interactive…no handing out of lists and sending out teams to fend for themselves…professional actors are stationed across the venue and property for maximum coverage and to facilitate the hunt. 5. Mock weddings offer clever, updated scripts that can be stand-alone shows or combined with a mystery or even a scavenger hunt for a real unique entertainment experience. 6. Full liability and blanket accident insurance on all performers and crew. 7. Dedicated ticket portal: You concentrate on your business, I'll handle the event. Visit my Website to view videos and see my company in action.
Package Pricing
Events For Extra-Large Venues
Attendees: 150-600 | Call for Price
Pricing for parties and meetings only
Events For Larger Venues
Attendees: 75-350 | Call for Price
Pricing for parties and meetings only
Events For Smaller Venues
Attendees: 20-75 | Call for Price
Pricing for parties and meetings only
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