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Providing high-quality videography for all events. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a thousand pictures. Our trained and experienced videographers will document your entire night, and then edit the video down to the highlights of the night onto a beautiful, professionally produced DVD or Blu-Ray disc. We also offer DJ services and photography, and you can combine our services for discounts and convenience.

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awesome combination of many services we needed - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

My now wife and I are happy to say that it was a very good decision on our part to hire these guys for all of our needs. We used them for DJ service, lighting, photo booth, photography, and videography. Everything was awesome at the wedding, every member of their team was so nice and friendly and took care of all our needs. We loved the mirror photo booth and so did all our family and guests everyone got really cool and funny pictures and we loved the options the mirror gives you. Rob was awesome as the leader of the pack and made sure all our needs were met in all areas well before the wedding even came and then he did an awesome job as the DJ and emcee too. Our videographers and photographers were always in the right place at the right time catching what needed to be caught. The ceremony and reception went flawlessly on all ends. Of course the final piece of the puzzle would be the actual photos and videos we received but we were very confident with what we were anticipating especially after receiveing just a handful of samples shortly after the wedding. When we did get all the completed pics and videos they came out as good as we expected if not even better. My wife was ecstatic with the photos which was more her thing, where my thing was more the video and I was super happy with the way it turned out and the work that was put into it. The lighting at the wedding was also totally awesome and really beefed up the pics and video too. To think all the work it would have been to hire separate companies to do each of these things and we were so fortunate enough as to get it all in one package which made things super easy and manageable. We didn;t have a wedding planner so we were doing it all ourself and this made the work much less difficult. After comparing so many DJ's and so many photographers and so many videographers it got to be very overwhelming. So we just went with them because they offered it all and yeah we literally made the best decision ever with that. Praise to Access for their excellent work and ease in working with. We are so happy and greatful.

very pleased with everything - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We had an awesome experience with Adrienne as our wedding DJ. She was super accomodating and played every song on our list (we had a very specific playlist with some unusual music on it). Everyone had a great time even though their was not much dancing going on (we warned her going in that would happen and not to take it personally, that's just our group, not big dancers, just not our thing). I knew we wanted to leave her a good review but wanted to wait until we got our photos and video (since we hired them for all 3 of these service.) The photographer and videographer were super nice and on top of their game the whole time at the wedding. We got the pics and they are all super nice, so they did a great job on that too. The video was very well put together too and we were very happy. So we were very pleased with all 3 of the things we hired them for. I would definately reccommend them to anyone looking for an easy bundling of all of these things, definately saved us a lot of headache..

Great Experience - An Eventective User from Port Orange, FL

Amazing job on all things we hired Access for.... including not only the DJ and the awesome lighting, but also the photo and video work. Really great stuff, my fiance and I really felt like you guys went above and beyond in all areas. Thanks so much, we will never forget our awesome experience.

awesome all-in-one wedding package - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

These guys are just great, we used them for our dj service and photography and videography also photo booth and lighting. The price we paid was less than the cost of pricing out all those vendors individually, and the convenience of doing it all with one company was immeasurable. Our dj was amazing, totally rocked the whole night, flawless execution of all of the stuff (like the dances and bouquet, etc) and an awesome mc to boot. Our pictures and videos came out amazing and were delivered well before the max time frame we were given. If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle, get these guys to do it all for you, they are awesome. :)

Great all the way around! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We had an awesome DJ, amazing photos and video, great lighting, and a great wedding. This is a truly pro wedding company. I can't say enough good things!

Thank you for a wonderful experience - An Eventective User from St. Augustine, FL

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all you did for us at our wedding, it definitely would not have been the same without you guys there, me and Gary cannot thank you enough, please keep in touch, we have some other events coming up too, thank you again so much, you guys were awesome.

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

This company did a kick-@$$ job on every single part of our wedding. The DJ was a blast the photos and videos are flawless and we couldn't have been happier in any way. Thank you guys so much... you are awesome!

quality professionals - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We used them for our DJ service, photograhy AND videography. They have been amazing. The reception was so much fun, the DJ was perfect. We have now received our photos and video and are more than thrilled with the quality of work. We were a little skeptical at first using them for all 3 services but they were totally amazing and it really saved us a lot of work in the end. Thanks so much guys.

Beautiful videos - An Eventective User from St Augustine

We love love love our video, thank you so much!

Thank you so much - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Awesome job from this company. The ceremony music was perfect, reception was SOO much fun, MC service was perfect, everything was just awesome. They also did our photography and videography which is awesome too, we are totally satisfied with our content. Would definately reccomend this company for all 3 of these services... save yourself the hassle of dealing with three companies, these guys have it all covered.