OKC Wedding Officiants Pastor John T. Snelson V & Heidi does Weddings

3316 N. Virginia Ave, Oklahoma City, OK

About OKC Wedding Officiants Pastor John T. Snelson V & Heidi does Weddings

We are OKC Wedding Officiants and we have teamed up with 405 Productions. We create ceremonies with the willingness to do whatever it takes to make a couples ceremony unique and represent their love for each other. With over 21 years of wedding experience, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to create any type of ceremony. We are able to create any type ceremony you desire, non-religious, religious, intimate, rustic, theme. Our experience allows us to customize to create your dream wedding. We can assist you with all aspects of your wedding. I was a Pastor by profession and now I am just a person who considers it an honor to participate in your special ceremony and help you create your dream wedding. Your Marriage License, two witnesses and me is all you need, the rest is just icing on the cake. It is your ceremony and I am just honored to be a part. Call *NOT DISPLAYED* to schedule your consultation and begin creating your dream wedding! All our Ceremonies include unlimited one on one consultations, text, emails, phone calls, Glide, or Skype. We will do whatever is necessary to accommodate your needs. OKC Wedding Officiants, are here to help you throughout your whole planning process. We are not just professional officiants, we are also professional planners, negotiators for all vendors and venues. We are passionate about providing the highest degree of customer service and flexibility to exceed your expectations leading up to and on your wedding day. Schedule Your Consultation Today!