The Cutting Edge Elite, Inc.

530 Fashion Ave, Suite M1-20, New York, NY

About The Cutting Edge Elite, Inc.

Hosting an event is a privilege and a challenge. From the culinary to the decor, every detail is a priority in assembling the precise ambiance to bring out the smile in everyone. And all that work, must seem effortless. The personalities hosting, are no less a priority. And finding them is no less challenging. For that critical piece in the puzzle, The Cutting Edge Elite was created. The Cutting Edge Elite is a cultivated core of professionals: talented, experienced, and educated in the art of service. A striking set of individuals, the CEE team is built out of professional models and actors. They bring the poise and charisma that every host desires. Hailing from all walks of life and regions, they bring diversity and flavor. Youthful and ambitious, they are well prepared to assist any host and infuse every party with energy and life. As a company The Cutting Edge Elite, is dedicated not to building business, but to building relationships. For more information please check out our website: