157 West 79 Street, #4A, New York, NY


PEDRO GIRAUDO JAZZ ORCHESTRA is an award-winning a New York-based 13-piece performance ensemble led by composer/arranger/bassist Pedro Giraudo, who is being hailed as one of the most creative and daring bandleaders on the scene today. (The orchestra has a smaller formation, a sextet that comes as close to a big band sound as is possible, for venues with more limited budgets or desiring a smaller ensemble.) Their 2009 release, "El Viaje," swept top honors in Latin Jazz Corner "Best of Year." Downbeat's John Murph calls their music "opulent, brimming w/ passionate improvisations, harmonies." “El Viaje,” made the top 10 lists of both George Kanzier (Hot House, All About Jazz-New York, JazzTimes) and Marcela Breton (Jazz Journalists Association) in the Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll 2009. It swept top honors in 5 categories of the Latin Jazz Corner’s “Best Of The Year Awards.*” Peter Watrous, writing in, calls it an “one of the most impressive orchestras around. The writing, supple and sophisticated, is often brilliant, always careful. Highly recommended.” Fernando Gonzalez of The Miami Herald picked El Viaje among his short list of releases of contemporary Latin jazz. And All About Jazz-New York selected it among their "Best of 2009 Latin Jazz Releases." *In writing about El Viaje, Chip Boaz called it "an emotionally charged masterpiece," observing that "Giraudo crafts a beautiful statement, building music that screams with passion, excitement, fear, joy, contemplation, serenity, and so much more in a deeply moving expression of humanity. Memorable melodies and rich harmonies anchor the foundation of Giraudo’s compositions, but there’s a deeper thoughtfulness that flows throughout the work." For a quick, easy sampling of the music, here are two instant links: (samples of the sextet are available on request) We maintain an EPK at: Our web site is at: also Besides the Jazz Standard in New York (where we have made numerous appearances), the band has appeared regularly at the Jazz Gallery (where Pedro was awarded a composer’s grant that commissioned an hour of new work that is now part of the repertoire), as well as Birdland and Joe’s Pub. They also performed at the Macau International Festival of Jazz, and Pedro recently returned from a tour in Japan. Audiences of many musical tastes have commented that this is some of the most exciting music they’ve heard in a long time.