Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

655 West 34th Street, New York, NY
Capacity: 5,000 people

About Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

ATTEND Where else in the world can you can you find 760,000 square feet of meeting space, bespoke services, and top-of-the-line amenities—all under one giant 7-acre green roof? PLAN Planning your event at the Javits Center puts it on a pedestal like no other. This one-of-a-kind icon is situated at the center of Manhattan’s West Side—the hottest neighborhood on the planet. EXHIBIT The Javits Center puts New York at your feet. It’s no wonder that 35,000 companies choose us as their preferred showcase every year.

Event Spaces

1A Hall Plan 1-1A06
1A Hall Plan 1-1A07
1A Hall Plan 1-1A08
1A Hall Plan 1-1A09
1A Hall Plan 1-1A10
1A Hall Plan 1-1A11
1A Hall Plan 1-1A12
1A Hall Plan 1-1A13
1A Hall Plan 1-1A14
1A Hall Plan 1-1A15
1A Hall Plan 1-1A16
1A Hall Plan 1-1A17
1A Hall Plan 1-1A18
1A Hall Plan 1-1A19
1A Hall Plan 1-1A20
1A Hall Plan 1-1A21
1A Hall Plan 1-1A22
1A Hall Plan 1-1A23
1A Hall Plan 1-1A24
1A Hall Plan 1-1A25
1A Hall Plan 1-1A26
1A Hall Plan 1-1A27
1A Hall Plan 1-1A28
1A Hall Plan 1-1A29
1A Hall Plan 1-1A30
1A Hall Plan 2-1A06
1A Hall Plan 2-1A07
1A Hall Plan 2-1A08
1A Hall Plan 2-1A10
1A Hall Plan 2-1A12
1A Hall Plan 2-1A14
1A Hall Plan 2-1A15
1A Hall Plan 2-1A16
1A Hall Plan 2-1A17
1A Hall Plan 2-1A18
1A Hall Plan 2-1A19
1A Hall Plan 2-1A20
1A Hall Plan 2-1A21
1A Hall Plan 2-1A22
1A Hall Plan 2-1A23
1A Hall Plan 2-1A24
1B Hall
1C Hall
1D Hall
1E Hall Plan 1-1E06
1E Hall Plan 1-1E07
1E Hall Plan 1-1E08
1E Hall Plan 1-1E09
1E Hall Plan 1-1E10
1E Hall Plan 1-1E11
1E Hall Plan 1-1E12
1E Hall Plan 1-1E13
1E Hall Plan 1-1E14
1E Hall Plan 1-1E15
1E Hall Plan 1-1E16
1E Hall Plan 1-1E17
1E Hall Plan 1-1E18
1E Hall Plan 1-1E19
1E Hall Plan 1-1E20
1E Hall Plan 1-1E21
1E Hall Plan 2-1E06
1E Hall Plan 2-1E07
1E Hall Plan 2-1E08
1E Hall Plan 2-1E09
1E Hall Plan 2-1E10
1E Hall Plan 2-1E11
1E Hall Plan 2-1E12
1E Hall Plan 2-1E13
1E Hall Plan 2-1E14
1E Hall Plan 2-1E15
1E Hall Plan 2-1E16
1E Hall Plan 2-1E17
3A Hall
3B Hall
3D Hall
3E Hall
4A Terrace
4A01 Office
4A02 Office
4A1 Office
4A2 Office
4A3 Office
4AB Terrace
4B Terrace
4B01 Office
4B02 Office
4B1 Office
4B2 Office
4B3 Office
Galleria / River Pavilion
North Pavilion


Greatest Convention Center in the State! - An Eventective User from New York, NY

The Javits Convention Center is convenientially located in the heart of New York City. It host fashion events, business events, entertainment events.... anything you can think of! I've been to Javits for several different events, and it's always a class act. Everything is clean and well-organized, and hotels and restaurants are everywhere nearby. There are numerous bathrooms, which is always an important factor. The center sometimes hosts more than one event at a time, which can be confusing. It's definitely recommended for larger events rather than smaller events. I specifically went there for a ""hair-product expose,"" and it was superb. They had numerous booths, stages with speakers, a run-way with models with different ""hair looks."" The overall impression of Javits Center was cool, sophisticated, and glamorous. Another down-side is that parking can be difficult for those who are driving in -- but that is a problem for anywhere that's actually in New York City. Overall recommendation: Thumbs up! Love you Javits!

Javits Center is Large and in Charge - An Eventective User from New York, New York

The Javits Center in Midtown is obviously quite famous. It's very convenient to several train lines and right in arguably what is the center of Manhattan. That said, it very much has a feel to it that reminds me of a giant convention center that may not be as personal as I'd like. I had a corporate event there not too long ago where we were holding a conference about real estate in New Jersey. The staff at Javits were quite nice and accommodating to our every need, but in the end the place had a very concrete and impersonal feel to it. That's really not the location's fault. I mean, the thing is made of concrete. We tried to decorate it as best as possible, but it the space just ended up seeming too huge. The resources available at Javits were quite nice. They were able to provide everything we needed for a successful conference, from basic things like chairs and tables to information technology resources. We were able to get computer technicians to help us set up several Power Point presentations and they helped us walk through presentations beforehand. My one complaint would be, however, that there's not much food in the area. Convenience stores, yes, but it's quite a hike to get any outside food. You have to walk quite a few blocks to even get to a gas station, and the selection there is quite poor. This might be done on purpose, so that you have to use their catering purposes, but if you're hosting something in New York for people who aren't usually in New York, the Javits Center could annoy them because they won't get to experience much of New York during their lunch hour.

Popular for a Reason - An Eventective User from New York, NY

A few years ago, I worked for a non-profit in New York that held a small convention for like-minded organizations in the area in order to pool resources. I was on of the individuals responsible for logistics and, as a team, we decided on the Javits Center for our convention. With the space and facilities to accommodate much bigger events, the space was easily altered to fit our much more modest scope, and we weren't neglected by the facilities team, either, despite our size. The Javits center also rents space for meetings and presentations. It was intentionally designed to cater to all levels of business and entertainment and does so effectively. Regardless of context, if you're looking for a no-hassle, easy to locate, professional and comfortable setting for a meeting, presentation or venue on the island of Manhattan, you really can't go wrong with Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Ideal New York City Venue - An Eventective User from New York, NY

The Javits center offers a grand space that will accommodate even the largest conferences. Although the location is a bit out of the way of central Manhattan, it is easily accessed via the west side highway for those arriving by car. The event coordinators are experienced and helpful. The staff are generally friendly, which makes the all around experience at the Javits center a pleasant one. The aesthetics of the interior are a positively stark contrast to what is a rather lack-luster monochromatic facade. Additionally, the acoustics and sound system of the conference areas are good quality and fit for any group that chooses to use this venue. However, some of the technology is not as up to date as it could be. This was probably the biggest issue that my company and I ran into with the Javits center. All our issues ended up being resolved before our conference, but for some the added stress of this type of unpredictable hurdle may not be worth the trouble. As for price, the Javits center is certainly not the cheapest in New York, but their reputation seems to have allowed them to charge more than some other venues in the area. In sum, the Javits center offers a relatively solid complete package for a New York City venue, their shortcomings are few and the service is professional.

Amazing large convention space - An Eventective User from New York, NY

As a long time New Yorker, I've been over the Javitz center many a time. Several years ago, they did a complete rennovation of the facility and boy did they do an amazing job. I had the opportunity to assist in coordinating a major NYC area hobbyist convention several months ago that was held at the Javitz center. The first thing to note about the facility is that is massive. I mean you can fit tens of thousands of people in there. The next thing to note is the fact that it's very clean and very new. It has a very modern feel to it and has every possible ammenity you could need. Excellent cell reception throughout, excellent wireless internet coverage. There are easy loading docks for load in and out and there exists the ability to create very dynamic spaces and conventions within its premises. Plenty of restrooms and easy transportation to just about anywhere in the city. If you're planning a big time convention of conference, don't overlook the Javitz Center.

Venue Types
  • On-Site Catering Service
  • Wireless Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 5000
  • Total Meeting Room Space (Square Feet): 760,000