Cheryl B. Engelhardt

New York, NY

About Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Cheryl is willing to travel, write a special song for your event, and cater to YOUR gathering's needs. The critically acclaimed, piano-toting singer/songwriter brings you catchy hooks, sultry lyrics, smartly crafted and compelling rock songs on both her studio recordings and in her dynamic live shows. Cheryl started playing the piano at age 3 and studied music all through school, graduating from Cornell University. After graduating, Cheryl worked at a composing studio, writing music for Fortune 500 companies’ commercials. Simultaneously, she put together her band and recorded her first album in 2004, which won her VH1 and Billboard Songwriting awards as well as the Unsigned Artist of the Month in Keyboard Magazine. Cheryl released her sophomore album, "Craving The Second", last September and is now touring throughout the USA and parts of Europe promoting her release. She has appeared on the bill with Seal, Elvis Costello and Jason Mraz in addition to appearing on the FOX Morning Show. More info at