About Brazilbilly

see them on youtube or www.robertswesternworld.com Brazilbilly ---As Robert’s house band, Brazilbilly delivers “traditional country music with a Latin flair” every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm to 2 am. If you love the songs of Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. and music inspired by those artists, Brazilbilly is your band. Frontman Jesse Lee Jones began playing Lower Broadway in the spring of 1995 after leaving his native Brazil 10 years earlier – without knowing a word of English – to pursue his dream of making a music career in America. Robert Moore (founder of Robert’s) recognized his talent and offered him a job performing at Robert’s. He was dubbed “the Brazilian Hillbilly” by members of BR-549 (Robert’s former house band) and that name quickly morphed into the band’s name – Brazilbilly. In the years since Brazilbilly was born, the band has gained much popularity and recognition, taking over from BR-549 as house band at Robert’s. In addition to playing a regular Friday/Saturday night set, the band has played many other venues and events, including a performance in downtown for Vice President Al Gore on Election Night 2000. The band has toured Europe, hosted the live radio broadcast of “The Midnight Jamboree” from the Ernest Tubb’s Texas Troubador Theater, played the Grand Ole Opry Plaza, opened for major country music acts, and played many special events, parties, and benefits in Nashville. Brazilbilly was founded on the ideal of traditional country music. Their sound, while traditional and country, is complemented by a Latin flair unique to the Nashville scene. They are fans and followers of the legendary artists who frequented the Lower Broadway honky tonk in the early years of country music. Each band member is diversely talented, professional, and musically educated. This range of cultural backgrounds and musical experience makes Brazilbilly like no other band, embracing a style that is uniquely their own.