Mark A. Shephard

310 March Lane, Morgantown, WV

About Mark A. Shephard

I have been a wedding photographer since 2000, when my wife Jennifer and I photographed a friend's wedding day together. From that day I have photographed more than 100 weddings thinking like a photojournalist, portrait photographer, and art photographer at various times during my clients' wedding days. As a wedding photojournalist, I pride myself in capturing "decisive moments" and chasing elusive light. As a portrait photographer, I set up location lights to make beautifully lit portraits and both formal and informal group shots — both inside and outside. As an art photographer, I'm always looking for close-ups and unique images that help to tell the full story of your wedding day. Since we have become photographers in Morgantown, W.Va., at the end of 2015, Jennifer and I have met and served some truly wonderful clients, and look forward to future wedding photography in North Central West Virginia and beyond.