DanceAbel Ballroom Studio

1178 Alliance Rd NW, Minerva, OH

About DanceAbel Ballroom Studio

Dance lessons are a great way to relieve some wedding planning stress (or normal workday stress) and have a chance to go out and reconnect with your favorite dance partner for a weekday date night. At your very first lesson, your instructor will ask you a few questions to get to know you as a couple. After all, your first dance is a chance to share your love story with all your gathered friends, and loved ones. Please bring a copy of the song you wish to dance to on your wedding day, and so you can chat about how you want your dance to look. Do you want something that is very simple and sweet…or do you want something upbeat and funky? Most of the wedding couples want their first dance to be a memorable highlight of their wedding day By working with certified and knowledgeable instruction, your photographer will be able to capture those perfect dance floor moments with dips, spins, and twirls.