Chef Tim's Table - Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

About Chef Tim's Table - Milwaukee

From chic social events, private in-home dinners and corporate meetings, Chef Tim's Table is enthusiastic and devoted to producing bold and brilliant events. We create each menu exclusive to your taste and budget. We are proud to offer vegetables, chickens and eggs from our own farm. We also offer event planning services for every detail of your event. We are extremely fair in pricing. Therefore, we price based on the actual food you want. Please take a moment and answer these 10 simple questions and we'll get you specific information and cost right away. 1. Do you want appetizers? Anything specific? 2. In general, what type of soup or salad did you have in mind? Anything specific? 3. In general, what type of entrée do you have in mind? Anything specific? 4. In general, do you prefer pasta, potatoes or rice with the entrée? Anything specific? 5. Do you want a designed cake or desert? Anything specific? 6. Do you want any non-alcoholic beverages? Anything specific? 7. Do you want alcoholic beverages? Open bar, cash bar, beer and wine only, specialty drinks? 8. Do you need linens, flowers or a dress or dresses? 9. Do you need a photographer or DJ? 10. How many adults and how many children under 12 do you estimate will be attending? I will completely customize the menu to your tastes and budget and get back to you shortly. Chef Tim