Magnolia Room

2078 Monroe Memphis, TN
Magnolia Room is located in Memphis, TN. It is a finest full service events and catering company since 10 years. They create big, beautiful food with your eyes and your taste buds in mind. Their unique presentations enhance each dish, making it the star of the room. Their staff is striving to make every event perfect for you. They also help in assistance on planning your event. They gladly customize a menu to suit your needs. Magnolia Room provides catering services for all the special occasions including weddings, receptions, parties, corporate events, themed parties, anniversaries, breakfasts, etc.
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ASLI is a modern Mediterranean personal chef and catering services. In ASLI we believe that every event has its own character, therefore the menu should be costume made and suitable for your budget. We always searching for the most unique ingredients and using an unusual cooking technique to bring you the best dining experience.