Share Your Photos

Marietta, GA

About Share Your Photos

The Share-Your-Photos App is a FREE app that allows multiple members of an event to share their photos and videos into one album. With the Share-Your-Photos App, forget texting tons of photos to guests, uploading every picture to Facebook and tagging each person, or loading a batch of images into an email and getting a “failure to send” notification because of too-large attachments. The app provides a secure way to share your photos AND keep them off of social media. Share Your Photos is the easiest way to give and receive pictures so you can relive your favorite moments. How Would It Work For My Event? Let’s use a wedding as an example: Simply download our free app. Register to create an event: Smith Wedding 2017 Create a unique event ID to give to guests so that they can see the pictures: EX: SmithWed17 Invite guests via email or text messaging or share your unique event ID with a take home flyer for guests to see. Everyone can take pictures throughout the event and start sharing the photos to the app for everyone to see. You can also create prints and customized gifts directly from the app! See how HERE! Are you expecting a large crowd for your event? Make a more customized event so that it’s easy for guests to find pictures of their favorite moments! For example, instead of creating one single event (Smith Wedding 2017), you can name the event Smith Ceremony, Smith Reception, Smith Candids and so on. Why Not Just Post To Facebook? Many people aren’t comfortable with their event being posted all over Facebook. The app offers a way to share your pictures AND keep them off of social media. When you find multiple pictures that you like, you can easily download the ones you like to cell phone or desktop and it keeps them in the high-resolution that they were originally taken in! Have a photographer? If you’ve hired a photographer for your event, that’s great! Pass this information along to your photographer! After your event, the photographer will need a way to get all of your pictures to all of your guests. Copying pictures to a CD and mailing them to guests can be a hassle. Let’s make it easier! The photographer can upload their pictures into the app (for free)- and that’s all it takes. We hope that our free photo app is a tool that you will take advantage of at your next big event! The privacy that the app offers will have guests raving about our app and all of the pictures they got to see from their favorite parts of the event!