Since 2012 Jordon SPD has specialized in outdoor products and services and hospitality has always been especially important to us. We get that what you are planning is really special to you and your guests and we want you to know it is equally important to us. We now tailor our gardening services to outdoor events which opens up a ton of possibilities for all special events. For starters, you now have a partner in prepping an outdoor space for use with the assistance of our team who will help clean before and after the event. Our installers have helped to assemble small builds, placed markers and directional signs. And, our gardeners are simply the best at transforming your venue into an outdoors destination of your dreams. We have added a booth at Limestone Flea Market for your convenience if you are out on weekends doing research and work on your event. Please come by and one of our floral consultants will gladly go over options with you.