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The significance and development prospect of Soilless Seedling raising is a seedling raising method that uses vermiculite, peat, rock wool, etc. as the cultivation substrate and uses nutrient solution to provide nutrition for vegetable seedlings. Soilless Seedling Technology is a new vegetable seedling technology developed with the rapid development of greenhouse vegetable production in recent years. It is conducive to the implementation of industrialized and standardized seedling breeding, and is an indispensable and effective measure for commercial seedling breeding. Compared with the traditional soil seedling raising method, the Soilless Seedling raising method has the following advantages: it does not contact with the soil, and can effectively avoid the damage of soil diseases at the seedling stage. The nutrient supply is sufficient, and the seedlings grow faster, which is conducive to cultivating strong seedlings. It is conducive to the implementation of root protection seedling technology and meets the requirements of modern vegetable seedling cultivation in protected areas. Materials with properties between simple Hooke solid and bovine skull fluid have great practical significance. Then it is regarded as a function of pressure. In the late 1990s, with the rapid development of industrialization and high efficiency of greenhouse and greenhouse vegetable production, centralized seedling raising and unified provision of standard seedlings have become indispensable factors to promote the development of greenhouse and greenhouse vegetable production. In particular, it is of great significance to cultivate some high-efficiency vegetables with expensive seeds and great difficulty in seedling raising. With the rapid development of efficient agricultural production and the rapid rise of vegetable seedling market, Soilless Seedling raising technology will also have a great development. Nutrient solution: there are two kinds of nutrient solutions used in Soilless Seedling Raising of vegetables: simple formula and fine formula. Simple formula the simple formula is to provide the necessary large elements and iron for vegetable seedlings, while the trace elements are provided by watering and seedling substrate. The reference formula of nutrient solution is shown in the table. When the degree of deformation changes continuously with time, it is called flow. Compared with the plastic bowl, the paper bowl is extremely low in cost and has a wide range of materials. However, the paper bowl is easy to break, especially when it is wetted by water. It is not resistant to micro transportation. When the seedling raising period is long or the management is not correct, it is often the case that the vegetable seedlings have not yet been planted and the paper bowl has been broken, resulting in the exposure of the soil blocks in the bowl, the occurrence of soil block breaking and root exposure, and the effect of root protection is not ideal. Plastic cups and bowls are ideal seedling containers at present. In some places with better production conditions, the application of plastic cups and bowls has been quite popular. In the vegetable seedling cultivation in protected areas, the application of plastic cups and bowls is more common. Measures should be taken mainly from two aspects of temperature control and light management of seedling bed to prevent the seedlings from growing too long. Especially in the case of untimely watering or serious lack of fertilizer, it is easier to form aging seedlings in seedling pot.