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Dhen welf pollinated rhants), also known as self pollinating plants, vena foundation has the habit of self pollination, but the flower structure is not too strict. For plants that have partial cross pollination, such as feidou, Saiwei, Nao, vitamin E, cotton, Gaoju, etc., the lower limit of self pollination plants is that the boundary crossing rate is more than 10% (not listed in difficult areas and different species). The posterior stigma is covered by the male flow group of schizophrenics. Generally, under the influence of long-end white cross and artificial shop selection, self flowering right help plants and self flowering root plants generally do not carry skin death or hand death in the base country. Therefore, inbreeding or selfing will not occur. Karmey (1923) root canal, which controls self pollination for seven generations of plants with sparse roots and flowers, found no sign of waning growth. Some species have sexual reproduction ability completely. Jiehua diameter powder is Xiangtong. Higher plants have age materials, and the same rod pair type of male heterosperm and Uyghur cross flower mainly depends on their gender differentiation to ensure their cross flower extreme powder. Under natural conditions, the plants dominated by self flowering sugar are called self pollinated plants, which are also called self pollinated plants. It is based on both vegetables and male complete flowers, and the androgenic vegetables are mature at the same time, so there are no characteristics such as self pollination and non combination. From the wild population, we can help to sense that the mutant lines of wanjinhua, such as Guanqing, Shuangyou, and the heat in Cixiang grape in Shanmai garden, are all of the types with good self compatibility. Now, the European grape and Hu Gen with good self compatibility are all of the negative type of viscidity from the forest mirror group and wild pepper. For example, the anthers that are united by several males, such as Queen fan, are tightly grounded in the middle. It is difficult to hang foreign quasi powder in fertilization. Thus, cross pollinated plants have complex diversity in flower sugar forest structure, and adapt to the needs of cross pollination in a variety of ways. For example, open pollination, strong male swallow heterofever is related to cross flower pollination. Wind pollinated flowers produce a large number of small, light and easy to fly pollen. Heap steaming has a stigma with a large carving on the exposed surface to catch floating pollen. Insect pollinated flowers have the color and color that attract pollinators such as insects, and a special smell in front and thick parts. Generally, the nutrition Line No. 4 selected from more than species has been widely used in production. Three types of self incompatibility exist in 14 3, and a small number of self incompatibility is often heavy in the curtain body. Yan Lu's pollen plants for flower discrimination are in addition to male alien forest plants. It often has a physiological genetic mechanism of self pollination incompatibility (LLIN mphty). That is, the eye instant self flowering poplar often fails to fertilize on the strength of normal function. D. Lewis (1979) reported that homotypic self incompatibility has been found in 74 families of quilt proxies, including cruciferous materials, gramineous materials, and bean materials. Carbendazim, ester material, bully material, organic vegetable family, Yousen will be a fragrant encounter among plants, and there are 17 families, more than 100 genera, in which there are hairstyles, sexual patterns and eye images. Heterotypic incompatibility refers to the affinity between different materials on different flower types of different individuals in the same species. The main marks are the relative length of flower and carving.