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Great Service Every Time, RocketmanJBL from Altadena, California

I entertain quite a bit, both for business and for my friends, and I can't remember how I did it before Host Helpers. They are well established and fully insured which we need for my business. I can be quite particular in my requests as well as quite demanding on site but they always come through. Even for very last minute bookings, they arrive on time ready to roll. I have a few favorite bartenders and chef's assistants and now they know my shorthand so I don't even need to direct them. What a classy operation.

Great Service!, Serena99 from Los Angeles, California

My mother has used this company for years for all her holidays and parties. She can be very particular but they always send very professional and reliable staff. I asked if they could send a funny good looking male bartender for my friend's 40th surprise party. He was hilarious! Best mojitos, too. I already have them booked for 4th of July with someone to work the grill so my husband can enjoy the day.

Torrance, CA  
Our humble beginnings started in a 200 square foot garage with one employee; fast forward 35 years and we are in the process of building out our second 5,000 square foot kitchen, two brand new state of the art cafe's and we now employ over 90 employees. Often times, people ask us what is the driving force behind our business and passion, the answer has been the same for the last 35 years; our customers. There is nothing better than seeing a happy bride on the morning of her big day, or getting a phone call after an event from a proud father thanking us for the work we have done. As cliché as it may sound, customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our business. Our passion for food and design has evolved throughout the years and with constant changing trends, Lisa's Bon Appétit has always been on the cusp of innovation. We pride ourselves on keeping with tradition and adding a modern flare to every event, small or large. We believe in having fun with every event and always keeping in mind that once upon a time, this business was based out of a garage with one employee. We're a family based business with a serious love for event planning!