Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza

Los Angeles, CA

About Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza

Imagine an unforgettable show of fantastic illusions, dazzling costumes and state-of-the-art lighting! Watch with jaw dropping anticipation as a TIGER suddenly appears! Marvel in awestruck amazement at the illusion of YOUR organization’s PRESIDENT BEING CUT IN HALF! It’s all part of the Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza! A stunning show of laughter and magic that is guaranteed to make your event an amazing success! Your reputation is on the line when you select entertainment for an event. It’s difficult to find a show that is funny, clean, and appeals to a wide-range of people. Why settle for a one-man show when you can have a full-production show that is easy and affordable? The Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza is a high caliber illusion show that is amazing, funny, and clean. It’s truly an exceptional entertainment value no other show can compete with. A first rate performance you’d expect only in a full-size theater. The difference is, Brock Edwards brings this fantastic show right to you. This is a show that people will thank you for bringing to your event. That’s because it is nearly impossible to find a show that will bring laughter and enjoyment to all ages. The show is filled with hilarious audience participation. Everyone gets involved in the act. The Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza is easy to plan. That’s because Brock Edwards provides a self-contained show complete with sound, lights, curtains, stage, and a generator. There is no need to rent additional equipment. The show can even be set-up outdoors in the middle of a park or parking lot! Hundreds of organizations agree, a performance by Brock Edwards is always a success. Don’t risk your event on unproven programs. You can count on Brock Edwards to provide an incredible show that is easy to plan, yet guaranteed to be an unforgettable success. In short, you’ll be credited for planning the best event your organization has ever had! The Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza is the best value in professional entertainment. A huge full-production performance for the cost of a typical one-man show. Contact Brock Edwards now for available dates and rates. Brock Edwards performs over 200 shows a year, while balancing engagements in theaters and resorts all over the world. Dates are limited, so call now to avoid disappointment. When you want the best in professional entertainment, you can depend on the Brock Edwards Magic Extravaganza. Important note: Brock Edwards does not perform at children's birthday parties.