Antoine Don Productions

2542 Ocean View Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

About Antoine Don Productions

Groovy, dynamic, and genre-bending, Antoine Don’s music is the perfect accompaniment to anything from a stroll down the sidewalks of his native city of Chicago, to a bass-heavy dance floor. Currently based in Los Angeles, Don has worked projects with Kanye West Dame Dash, Candace Wakefield, Chel as well as his own Band "Tone House Live". Antoine takes inspiration from his first love, video games, and combines it with his instrumentalism and musicianship to create boundary-defying cinematic landscapes. Don has perfect pitch and uses this unique ability to quickly identify notes, chords, and harmonies within seconds, making his studio sessions lightning-fast, precise, and seamless. The producer, engineer, A&R, and bass guitarist Antoine Don wears many hats, including lending his talents at DubRoom Studios on the Sunset Strip. He is currently working on a lo-fi hip hop EP entitled “Wake Up”, which will be available on all platforms in Winter 2021!
  • Special Features: Kanye West Dame Dash Derrick Milano Candace Wakefield Poison Ivory Chel