Amazing Mindreader

Los Angeles, CA

About Amazing Mindreader

A Versatile Entertainer Amazing Mind Reader is always the life of the party. A member of the International Performers Union, and has received many Awards. Amazing Mind Reader has received accolades from both party-goers and professional groups alike. Amazing Mind Reader is offering MIND READING, HYPNOSIS, AND MAGIC SHOWS! Call or Send a message NOW to find out more! World-Renowned Mind Reader To The Stars "AMAZINGLY ACCURATE The LA Times." Amazing Mind Reader Kevin Stone Is a Fantastic Addition to Any Party or Event. Voted #1 Best Accurate Mind Reader! He has over 25 years of experience Offering Mind Reading Entertainment Services For Everyone! Celebrities, Royalty, Politicians, Private and Corporate Events, Birthdays, Bachelorette, All Gatherings, and More. He accepts the challenge to make any skeptic into believers! Amazing Mind Reader has one of the most Unique Styles of Mind Reading. He offers Mind Reading, Mentalism, Hypnosis, Palmistry, and Hand Writing Analysis. The Amazing Mind Reader has a style of reading minds that is with Mind-Blowing Accuracy and will leave your Party Guests Delighted and Mesmerized! Choose Amazing Mind Reader For Your Next Event! Add Excitement And Fun To Your Event Now!
  • Special Features: Mind Reading, Magic, Mentalism, and Comedy Hypnosis Shows!