Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and 4th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
I am a Psychic, Spiritual Reader, a Clairvoyant, and a Tarot Card Reader. For Unusual and Mystical entertainment contact me, 'Alex Your Fortune Teller'. My skills are an ice breaker at ANY event, and I can open channels of communication between guests where none existed before. I have been giving PRACTICAL, AMAZING, and ENCOURAGING spiritual guidance, with a smile and compassion, for over 20 years, with 85% -95% accuracy. I use Rider Waite Tarot Cards, and a Singing Bowl to set a mystical mood for your social gatherings. I maintains $1M in Liability Insurance which is always a plus when working with organizations, and special events I serve. Having worked in the entertainment and corporate industries, for many years, I have a unique insight for discretion, and confidentiality. When giving guidance to corporate and entertainment groups, you can count on me to be professional, and to keep your special guests secrets 'A SECRET". I share guidance as though you are one of my old friends, or I am your favorite Auntie having a casual conversation. If I see challenges on the horizon I share this information with caution and add an encouraging and optimistic spin for the future. I look forward to SERVING you and your guests. All the Best - Alex Your Fortune Teller
  • Special Features: My specialty is Group Readings for up to 15 guests. If needed I can provide a folding table, and two folding chairs. I provide decorations and can make minor adjustments to them to better match your theme. I can also provide a canopy at an extra cost.