AAA Petal Pushers

2809 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA


Good, Cheap(er) Florist - An Eventective User from Los Angeles, CA

When I used to live near USC, I used AAA Petal Pushers for any flowers I needed to give as gifts. The service is friendly and they are always willing to give suggestions or recommendations if you are having difficulties coming up with a bouquet. When they suggested adding white Lillys to an arrangement I was buying for my sister, it really made the red roses pop. The flowers you get here are high quality and tend to be cheaper than most florists, I'm assuming because it is located so close to the downtown flower market. Additionally, they gave a great discount to USC students on lei's for graduation. Even though they were dealing with a massive order from seniors, they were always polite on the phone and very flexible. I was able to pick up my lei with no problem, and they even let me have a choice of white, even though I marked ""purple"" on my order form. If I could choose again, I would probably choose their cardinal and gold lei. Most of my friends got it, and it looked great with all the graduation gear. My only gripe is the location. If you do not live downtown, it is not very easy to get to. Additionally, it is a pretty small shop on a one-way street. They are great with car service, but trying to pull out during peak traffic hours can be kind of a nightmare. Other than that, it is a great florist.