Flawless Entertainment Dj's

Long Beach, CA

About Flawless Entertainment Dj's

Specialties We all know that a DJ can make or "break" a party. Flawless Entertainment Dj's only accept the best and most experienced proven DJ's to be a part of our company. Our DJ's use state of the art HIGH END sound and video equipment and excel at both MC-ing (hyping crowd and making announcements) and DJ-ing (playing music to motivate the party crowd to dance and/or have a good time). All of our DJ's are also part of the American DJ Association (ADJA). Another interesting fact is that our company DJ's often hire other Flawless DJ's for there own private events! Because of this fact, we have often been called the DJ's DJ. After choosing us for you upcoming event, you can rest assured that you have picked the right DJ to make your special event even more spectacular. History Established in 1999 Flawless Entertainment DJs was founded back in may of 1999. Myself (Dj Ace) and couple of other DJs expressed concerns about finding quality DJs to cover gigs. We were all averaging between 2 to 5 booking every Saturday and Sunday. No matter how good a DJ is he/she can only be in one place at a time. Thus we united and started a quest to find other talented DJs. Is was so difficult because most DJs we came in contact with where either good at making people dance or good at talking on the microphone. We wanted DJ's that could do both well. After a few months of brain storming, we came up with and idea. What if we started a company that could actually train and unify the DJ? All DJ's are required to learn and teach each different area of expertise. This includes knowledge of music played for different types of crowds, announcement techniques, sound system and etc. This allow us to confidently send out our DJ's because they have acquired the knowledge and skill to be entertainers Meet the Business Owner : Dj Ace I am the CEO and owner of the company. I have over 15 years experience and been a DJ since I was 13 years old. I started by Dj-ing all my junior high and high school dances including my own prom. I was a tour DJ by the age of 17 and toured with various Hip Hop and Rock bands including Def Jam artist and various other celebrity acts. (too many to list) Besides tours, I have also DJ-ed many weddings, birthdays (including Quinceaneras and Bar/Bat Mitzvah), and clubs. The company was founded on experience and love for profession. Some people learn to DJ....but I was born a DJ!