Candy Fox

3523 Brinton Trails Ln, Katy, TX

About Candy Fox

“Photography that gets you heard not just seen” Are you an Entrepreneur or a person that wishes to be seen as you truly feel? Do you realize that 70 percent of connections are based on a 10 second visual rule and two minutes on verbal expression? Our next moves in business or more social engagements are formed based on our image, others perception and our eyes looking into a new client or friend. Candy Fox, is not just a photo shop, we look at each client as an individual whom wishes to propel an image that that people want to engage. We see you as who you are and work with you to articulate your soul and being through an image of you. The single most impact you will make in your life will be allowing colleagues, friends and clients to see the warmth, depth and confidence that you so much want to exude. With the amazing talent and professionalism of Victoria, attention of detail, passion to help you reach your perceived photo goals we are your solution. Let us propel your image from just a great cell phone snap shoot to a professional, visual and intimate photo that will empower your self-esteem, demand respect so well deserved and compassion that we all hope shine through. Get the attention you deserve be it on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media platforms or marketing campaigns we can set you apart from the everyday “Head Shoot” and bring out the best in you. As we work to ensure that we “HEAR” your goals so that we grab that 70 percent every time not just in passing. So, if you’re an executive plowing through COVID-19 and new career bound, and existing C- Suite to a mom that is active in the community to a dad that is engaged in governance we can get you seen! Or maybe you’re that individual that deserves your time to pamper your image and feel amazing and empowered again. We are hear to give you the best possible professional photography that NYC sees everyday here in Katy Texas. Give me a call, let me help make an impact in your life that will not killing your wallet!