Mille Flores

#6 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO

About Mille Flores

PRETTY IS THE GOAL. OR STUNNING, RATHER. TIMELESS, YET INNOVATIVE. PERFECTLY YOU AND YOURS. Mille Flores works like this: you describe a feeling, a sensation, some colors, some basic "do's and don'ts" and we figure out the rest. For those with a more specific concept, we can design for you, too. Whatever you're looking for in a florist, we're likely it. And if you're thinking that maybe we aren't, go with your gut. WE ARE WILD ABOUT MAKING GOOD CHOICES. So, as far as flowers go, I love them. Their colors and shapes and smells can make me tear up in a hot second. I started arranging flowers in college and once I knew I had a knack for it I didn't want to stop. Which brings me to right now. With the help of some amazing friends and some quality training, I can fairly say "this is what I do". Flowers: seemingly created just for the bees and our very own enjoyment. They really just feel like a gift. That, my new friend, is what I want them to be for you on your wedding day. Something totally gorgeous and unexpected. Better than you had imagined; at a price that feels like a gift. THERE IS TRULY NO WAY TO SET A STANDARD PRICE FOR FLOWERS. Every design is extremely unique and tailored just-so to fit the personality and style of every bride and groom. That being said, most clients typically start with a budget of around $2,500. If that number terrifies you, don't worry! I can absolutely work with smaller budgets. However, to keep true to my design aesthetic and what I think you, the client, deserve, I have a minimum budget of $1,200. The goal in all of this is to create and deliver what you want and expect fora fair price. No elaborate fees, no gimmicks and no crying. A gorgeous product at an honest price.