That '80s Show

Jacksonville, FL

About That '80s Show

That '80s Show - All '80s, All Dance, All Fun! Having somehow lived through that amazing decade, these four totally radical dudes are here to remind you of all the killer tunes from that decade. With a way cool selection of cranking songs, you're going to hear some favorites and some you may have forgotten about. Stuff you might not find on your Beta or VHS Recorder! Some really gnarly tunes too!!! ... This band takes the time to get 'em right. The tunage sounds like the tunage is supposed to! And if you were too young to dig it then, well then you can dig it now!!! We are all seasoned musicians who worked in music industry for 30+ years. We are available for weddings, parties, events of any size. Please call us if you have any questions, and we will discuss the possibilities. We understand the difficult economic situation and will work with you as far as rates are concerned. So call us and let's party like it's 1989!