Dr. Spencer L. Gaines Wedding Officiant and Clerk Authorized Florida Marriage License by Mail

White Cedar Trail, Jacksonville, FL

About Dr. Spencer L. Gaines Wedding Officiant and Clerk Authorized Florida Marriage License by Mail

The officiant services offered by Dr. Spencer L. Gaines are unique in that he has spent his career empowering individual... s and groups through the sharing of knowledge and experience. As the holder of a double Doctorate in Leadership and People Development, Dr. "G" understands the critical role that each member of a family unit has in making both the marriage and the household successful. As a life coach, motivational speaker, educator, and author Spencer creates a one of a kind ceremonial experience that is custom tailored to the couple and is not simple a "cookie-cutter" ceremony that one would find getting married at city hall. In addition, Spencer Gaines holds a graduate degree in Conflict Resolution with a specialization in Culture and Diversity. This knowledge and experience has allowed Spencer to empower people and organizations the ability to navigate through challenging times and provide the tools needed to successfully maintain the relationships while addressing the issues.


marriage for me and my husband - An Eventective User from fort.lauderderdale fl


Management Response
Thank you soooo much for the kind words - my happiness resides is your happiness. It was my honor to serve as your officiant :)
Jekyll Island Convention Center, Jekyll Island, Georgia - An Eventective User

Dr. G was incredible as an officiant! He tailored my daughter’s wedding ceremony exactly as she wanted it! Dr. G brought in the biblical and spiritual parts we wanted in the ceremony, too. Thank you for everything Dr. G. We highly recommend him for your wedding.

A Lifesaver and the Memory of a Lifetime - An Eventective User from NEW YORK, NY

I don't know is it is common for someone who helped plan a wedding to post feedback, but I was moved to do so. My friend Barbara asked me to help her in making the arrangements for her wedding. Hiring Dr. G was easy because he has conducted ceremonies for a number of our friends however; in this instance, he went above and beyond. Spencer often takes pictures of the ceremonies he officiates but for this event, he was trying out a new video camera. Maybe it was an act of the heavens, but the videographer's car broke down leaving no one to film the ceremony. When Dr. G found out he had the only video of the wedding, he sent what he shot to his video editor and then overnighted the finished product to Barbara...how many people would extend himself in that way? He was truly a lifesaver because there was a relative who was terminally ill and the video was the only way he could have seen the ceremony. In addition, the ceremony and loving words conveyed by Spencer created that special moment every couple dreams of - I only wish there was a greater word than thank you. "

Dr. Gaines is a winner - An Eventective User from Ecuador

"As a retired government employee, I am able to give back to the world community. For the last two years, I have been supporting the learning needs of young children in Ecuador. Over the holidays, I proposed to the love of my life and she accepted. As happy as the moment was, we quickly realized that we would have to return to the states for the wedding. Being out of the American loop and still many miles from the U.S. all of the planning had to take place over the internet. Although we had a number of solid recommendations from friends and family who were recently married, we had none for a wedding officiant. After visiting his site all it took was one simply call to Dr. Spencer Gaines and I knew we had found the right person. In addition, I also come to learn, that Dr. Gaines owns a Florida Marriage Licence by Mail agency and with that, all of our worries were over. The end result was a ceremony my friends and family thought a Hollywood script writer wrote, and the ability to take care of the marriage license before we even left Ecuador....all I can say is this was customer service at the highest order."

Agreatexperience experience - An Eventective User from Jacksonville Florida

One of the most rewarding experiences in planning our wedding and the actual event was contracting with Dr. Spencer Gaines.is articulate, motivated, and engaging. As importantly, he made sure that the ceremony went off without a hitch and in terms of the ceremony itself, what can I say. When Dr. G says that he writes every ceremony from scratch, he means it. This is an officiant that I can recommend to you and will be recommending to those around me as well.

Wedding - An Eventective User from Pembroke Pines, FL

"Talk about a small world! I am from Jamaica, West Indies and was concerned that the wedding officiant I would hire if not Jamaican would not understand my people - I know now I should not make assumptions. Turns out, Dr. G lived in Jamaica for a number of years. He understood my people, culture, and traditions and this is something that most Non-West Indian people would not. This is a gem folks and the officiant I would recommend to all people from all walks of life."

He understood my Culture! - An Eventective User from Jacksonville, FL

I am from Nigeria and my husband and I were concerned that an American wedding officiant would not be able to capture who we are as a people and a culture. It must have been by the hand of God that I found Dr. Gaines because he has been an educator who specialized in culture and diversity. The result was a ceremony where both our Nigerian friends and family as well as our American friends were able to not only celebrate our special day, but learn something about the many people who attended and participated in our wedding day as well...Thank you so Much Dr. G!"

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