Best DJ in Town - An Eventective User from Ithaca, NY

Since Ithaca, NY is a relatively small town and community, there are not a huge number of DJ's in the immediate area. However, one of the greatest DJ's is also the DJ company that has been around the longest. Elephant Sound in ithaca, NY is really the go to DJ resource if you're planning an event in the area. Whether it be a wedding, corporate event, sweet 16, whatever, Elephant sound has got you covered. In my experience, I was planning a Graduation Party for a nephew of mine. It was a high school graduation, and was just going to be held in the backyard. The crew for Elephant sound, were extremely professional when arriving (they were definitely on time) and while unloading and setting up. They come with great big speakers and a great little light show. They played a great mix of songs that appealed to both the adults in the crowd as well as the teenagers. Great mix of hits and classics. All in all, they made the party a memorable success, I can't recommend them enough.