Ashira Tantra

615 n cayuga st, app 2, Ithaca, NY

About Ashira Tantra

Tantra private sessions for couples. Ashira Tantra provides nourishing and relaxing journey into the depth of one's being, rooted in the esoteric teachings of tantra. The sessions combine partner breathing exercises, energy healing, kundalini reiki and guided meditation. During the sessions, couples learn powerful relational techniques to see your partner through the eyes of love. Tantra for couples is helping couples to experience blissful unity with Divine trough the conscious partnership. Ashira Tantra offers couple private session and session packages. Please contact Ashira at to learn more about packages. Please wear loose comfortable clothes that would not restrict movement
  • Special Features: Tantra Yoga Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercises Couples Reiki Conscious touch techniques