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2011 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL

About C.A. & Company Catering

#1 Ranked Full Service Caterer in Broward County. Delicious Food, superior service, and personalized presentation for weddings, corporate events and unique events of all kinds. Full-service, Off-premise caterer for over 20 years. Numerous creative unique venues to host parties/events. We Cater: Flawless Wedding Receptions to Unique Cocktail Parties and beyond!! Able to customize packages to meet client needs. Our reputation of well planned, professionally delivered events places us as the #1 Caterer in Broward County as listed by the South Florida Busines Journal for consecutive years! Contact us to become a member of our distinquished list of happy clients.Please check our website to gain more information and view some wonderful pictures of recent events. We hope to be abe to add yours to our site!!


Beyond impressed - An Eventective User from Broward

When you're scrolling and checking out vendor reviews, and every review is this shooting star, bubbles and rainbows kind of review, it usually is the 'after-event-glow'-- the reviewer survived the event, people compliment on the event and the reviewers' mushy giddy gratefulness is abounding. The vendors showed up, did their hired job and no doubt it was a great event. But how about a month and a half later....is that gratefulness and impression of the vendor still at that all time high? And what if in your line of work you have already worked with chefs, large caterers, country clubs, mom and pop caterers, event planners and the such. But your daughter picks a venue not in your county, and you've been there-done that with the caterers anyway...how do you decide what caterer is good enough for your own daughters wedding? Our venue was a logistical challenge, made even more so with a daughter to wanted unique and specifically designed for their (Bride and Groom) interests. This venue HAD NO KITCHEN. (unless you call a room with a sink one) Being a historical place, NO COOKING WAS ALLOWED. Everything was outside. So for even a vendor, this had it's logistical challenges as well. CA Catering was one of the 'preferred' vendors, so I figured best to start with all the preferred vendors as well as a few local others as well. I sent an email out to each describing the challenges, the theme, overview and quirkiness that our event will be, and left them room to add their input. I got back many responses with promotions of these businesses and why we should pick them: "great food, great service, look at these great linen/sparkling/current/old theme ideas for you!!!!!"....none seemed to READ what we were looking for. Except Marta did. Marta answered exactly to what I was looking for: "How can we make this event what you want it to be? Here are some questions...and here are some suggestions..." Marta and CA showed what I was looking for: to be equally invested in the outcome of this event, not be a 'hired vendor'. Through out the planning process, both Marta and Ca were professional, supportive, dug and searched for answers, assisted in 'grey' areas and overall showed the importance of how this event was to them. Marta even wanted to 'cater' to my own emotional being prior to the event, asking to take on more responsibility from my shoulders, afraid of how a normal mother usually crumbles under the stress. What CATERER does that !??!! They've been around the block for years! They didn't need to 'pour' themselves into a gig to get themselves on a map! This is the INTEGRITY that they have doing their business. As for the event it's self, it was perfectly quirky, and so much was owed to CA, Marta and Staff. Sure, you can get great food, creative displays, great service with any caterer. But with CA Catering, you will get so much more. I'm just thankful I have one more daughter to marry off, so CA and Marta will be our vendor of choice in the future.

thoughtful service - An Eventective User

Although I have decided to do something different, Emily at CA Catering was attentive and professional during my search for the right venue. I would recommend this company if you are considering an event in the Miami area.