Shawn Hatfield - Professional Musician

17940 Taylor Road, Hamilton, VA

About Shawn Hatfield - Professional Musician

Shawn Hatfield is a Virginian born performer, composer, producer, and writer. He has played at a variety of venues including The 9:30 Club, JAXX Nightclub, wineries, breweries, festivals, parties, and many other venues. Hatfield grew up in Hamilton, Va and graduated from Radford University in Spring 2015. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music, with a concentration in classical guitar, and a Minor in Business. He studied under acclaimed professors like Dr. Robert Trent and Dr. Timothy Channell. Hatfield's decorated background has created the path to be able to perform at your wedding, party, open house, or other event! His music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google, YouTube, and much more.