About SoundFire DJ

SoundFire DJ uses only the best in equipment, and provides top-notch customer service to all of our clients. Do you want to own your night by having fun at the party, or do you want to be left wondering about all of the things that your DJ didn't talk to you about? You've probably seen photo booths at weddings becoming a popular thing. However, they're already outdated. Ask us how we can turn your reception hall into a giant photo booth with a live slideshow, and no clunky box with velvet curtains sitting in the corner. If you want to own your night and have fun then SoundFire DJ is the DJ for you. We talk with you ahead of your event and make sure we get the details straight early on so your night is worry-free. Our commitment is that your party happens the way you want it, and that you and your guests have fun. We leave the egos at home and play what YOU want to hear. If something isn't right, or you change your mind, no problem. We adapt to you and your party. Not only are you obtaining top-notch service, but you are also being serenaded by a top-of-the-line speaker system. With 3000 watts of power we are capable of providing a soft ambience all the way to a rock concert for up to 1,200 people! You'll enjoy the pleasant atmosphere while you're dining, and then later you'll feel the pulse of the music as you dance the night away. Our lighting system stays cool, and consists of environmentally friendly LED powered fixtures. You'll be working up a sweat from dancing, and not from hot lights beating down on you. Plus our light show is colorful and exciting with sound-activated lights that enhance the mood of any music that is played. Lastly, I would like to mention that we include karaoke for any event at no extra charge. We have one of the largest libraries in Northeast Wisconsin totaling to nearly 17,000 karaoke tracks. When you combine the level of professionalism, equipment, and price. It's clear to see that there is no better value in Northeast Wisconsin for your DJ services than SoundFire DJ. Give us a call, and you'll experience the difference.