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315 North Brand Boulevard Glendale, CA
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Delicious Cake, tchan571725 from

I didn't come to Porto's because of their excellent reputation, but because it was the only bakery that I could choose since it was part of my venue package. Even thought I couldn't go touring around cake bakeries for tastings like I've always dreamed, I was not disappointed. First of all, make an appointment for a cake tasting, either by phone or by email because this place is crowded. The layout of the place is a bit weird and there isn't a way to go to the cake tasting location through the main entrance of the store. Instead there are some stairs next to the store that you go up. My mom and I were greeted quickly and after looking at some books of possible cakes, we were given a plate full of small slices of possible flavors. Although they all tasted great, we decided on a chocolate cake. After filling out paperwork we went to the main store to get some baked goods to take home, which were delicious. On the day of the wedding the cake was delivered & it was beautiful. It also taste great! Definitely worth it and from other reviewers, I heard it was very affordable.