Little Robin Wedding Story

1015 dulaney mill drive, Frederick, MD

About Little Robin Wedding Story

Little Robin Wedding Stories is a wedding videography business based in Washington, DC. You want your wedding to be an unforgettable, cinematically captured experience, to capture you, your love, and the ones you love. To freeze in time this once-in-a-lifetime euphoria, the official start of your forever together. You want the ability to go back and relive it over and over- The look in his eyes when he first saw you coming down the aisle, your family celebrating with you- the excitement, the quiet moments, the crazy dance moves and that is why we are here: Lovers of adventure, and telling love stories cinematically. We’re Desmond & Vera. We're more than just camera operators, we are award-winning filmmakers, a married couple and we're experience providers. You've come to us because you want something different. And we’re here to lead you step-by-step in bringing your dream wedding to life.