Fine art wedding film

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About Fine art wedding film

When you choose Fine Art Wedding Film you will get a ticket to journey back in time. You will relive the breathtaking moments of your wedding and notice intriguing details you haven’t had time to absorb. To make this time travel possible we choose moments, change angles, craftfully edit sights and sounds to create a piece of art movie, the movie that you will be proud to share with family, friends, and generations to come. After all the buzz of the preparation for the big day, you will find it extremely rewarding to sit back and enjoy the journey to the day where your new family was born. We come from a professional film background with solid experience in commercials and feature films. We are passionate about the art of imagery and telling stories through compelling visuals, sound design and color grading. We put high value on our relationship with you and care about growing trust and understanding. The combination of these is what makes us stand out as a great choice for your wedding.
  • Special Features: Custom packages We don’t want you to pay anymore than you should, so just get in touch with us and we will work you out the price based on your specific needs. We usually do custom packages for multi-day weddings, destination weddings, elopements