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Pirate Hires - Children's Party We're available for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Fairs, Festivals and other Occasions Pirate Hires piratehires.com Phone: *NOT DISPLAYED* HIRE REAL PIRATES "PARTY LIKE ITS 1699" Looking to add some excitement to your next Party, Grand Opening, or Special Event? Then stand fast and be prepared to be boarded by pirates! Whether you want 2 pirates or a larger gathering of our scalawags and wenches, we're available for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Fairs, Festivals and other Occasions. Through Sword Fighting, Story Telling, Black Powder Flintlock Pistol Demonstrations, Crowd Interaction and even Cannon Firings, Pirate Hires can help make your next event extra savvy. Scroll through our website for more information OR BE PREPARED TO WALK THE PLANK! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Have the crew of Pirate Hires at your next gathering! Whether you want just a 2-man boarding or a full-blown invasion of bloodthirsty cutthroats, we'll make any event memorable! Plundering Southeast Florida and Surrounding Area! All inquiries should call: Calico Jack *NOT DISPLAYED* BLACKBEARD AND CALICO JACK PRESENT "PIRATE EXCITEMENT". THIS IS OUR PREMIUM PACKAGE. IN ADDITION TO CROWD INTERACTION, GAMES, & STORY TELLING, THIS PACKAGE ALSO OFFERS REAL SWORD FIGHTING AND A FLINTLOCK GUN BATTLE. ALSO AVAILABLE...A ONE POUND NAVAL CANNON FIRING. CAPTAIN HOOK AND CALICO JACK PRESENT "PIRATE MAGIC". IN ADDITION TO CROWD INTERACTION, GAMES, & STORY TELLING, THIS PACKAGE ALSO OFFERS PIRATE MAGIC. CAPTAIN HOOK IS A FIRST RATE MAGICIAN AND PERFORMS CHILDREN'S MAGIC SHOWS. ADULT THEMED MAGIC SHOWS AS WELL. CAPTAIN HOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SATURDAY SHOWS UNTIL AFTER 2 PM PRICING TWO PIRATES FOR ONE HOUR IN PALM BEACH AND BROWARD COUNTIES $250; TWO PIRATES FOR ONE HOUR NORTH MIAMI $300; TWO PIRATES FOR ONE HOUR SOUTH MIAMI $350 IF YOU WANT CANNON FIRINGS ADD $50 FOR EACH TWO SHOTS PIRATE ARTICLES In the second half of the 17th century, buccaneers began operating under a set of rules variously called the Chasse-Partie, Charter Party, Custom of the Coast, or Jamaica Discipline. These eventually became known as Articles of Agreement, or the pirate's code. Pirate articles varied from one captain to another, and sometimes even from one voyage to another, but they were generally alike in including provisions for discipline, specifications for each crewmate's share of treasure, and compensation for the injured. Each crew member was asked to sign or make his mark on the articles, then swear an oath of allegiance or honor. The oath was sometimes taken on a Bible, but legend suggests that other pirates swore on crossed pistols, swords, or axes, or on a human skull, or astride a cannon. This act formally inducted the signer into the pirate crew, generally entitling him to vote for officers and on other "affairs of moment," to bear arms, and to his share of the plunder. The articles having been signed, they were then posted in a prominent place, often the door of the grand cabin. For More Information, Please Visit Our Website: piratehires.com All inquiries should call: Calico Jack Phone: *NOT DISPLAYED* Among other cities, Pirate Hires may serve the following areas: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Davie, Plantation, Sunrise, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Kendall, Homestead, Lake Worth, Oakland Park, South Miami, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, North Miami Beach, Coral Springs, Miami Beach, North Miami, Perrine, Tamarac, Deerfield Beach, Miami Shores, Olympia Heights, Palm Beach Gardens, Quail Heights