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About Exquisite Weddings & Events

Happily Ever After Begins Here Can you remember the exact moment when you realized you were with “the one”? That overwhelming feeling of a love so intense, you think you could burst, the butterflies in your stomach each and every time you see them, the aching in your face from constant smiling, and dreaming night and day of your future together… Those are the exact feelings Exquisite Weddings & Events aspires to recreate for you. From walking down the aisle and sneaking kisses, to sharing your first dance as husband and wife, our passion is to ensure you are only focused on each other and enjoying every moment of your wedding together. Leave the details to us! Between client meetings and vendor appointments, our team will work tirelessly to turn your wedding daydreams into reality. As the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Exquisite Weddings & Events, I work with my team, striving to achieve the perfect balance of stylistic details and sound logistics. Above all else, my personal relationships with my clients is my most treasured and valuable resource. I have spent over 25 years planning various events, exceeding everyone of my client’s unique wishes and ultimate dreams. As a hopeless romantic, not only can you feel secure in knowing that no detail will be missed throughout the planning, creation and delivery of your desires, but you can rest assure in knowing that your wedding will fill you with the same butterflies, excitement and love as the first time you knew you were with the one. Allow Exquisite Weddings & Events the privilege of helping to make your wedding or event one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring moments of your life. After all, you deserve it. “Give me your vision and I’ll create your masterpiece.” – Jill Stark Founder of Exquisite Weddings & Events