About Jewelle McKenzie

Jewelle McKenzie (pronounced jew-WELL): singer, songwriter, producer. Performing Soul, Jazz, R&B, Gospel. An incomparable vocalist and consummate performer with over 2000 shows locally and over 500 shows internationally, Jewelle’s ability to connect with the audience and wow her fans comes from her openness, undeniable stage presence and extraordinary voice and range. Jewelle charms and disarms with her voice and music. She has graced stages in Canada, Qatar, Guadeloupe, Morocco, Thailand, Hong Kong SAR, and Vietnam in the most prestigious hotels and venues. Jewelle’s original music makes a bold statement that she is not a woman seeking anyone’s approval. She explores and combines different genres making no concessions to pop trends. Her latest singles Rise Up (I Can’t Breathe) and I Want it All, are Dance / Electronica with a little New-Age flair. Her full-length CD, Ain’t It Good, combines Swing, R&B, and Jazz spiced with Gospel vocals and a little Rock for an eclectic style that is all her own.