The DJ Train

2110 Patterson Rd, Dayton, OH

About The DJ Train

The DJ Train plays music. All kinds of music, and can play all the time. The DJ Train is a metaphor for our desire to keep the music playing, using our custom software to play music the way a radio or club DJ would*. Our computer keeps the music on track, but we have humans to assist when needed. The concept of The DJ Train came from the combination of our DJ in a BOX hardware and software with our G-Scale trains. With the DJ-in a BOX, the music only stops when there's something important to do (such as talk about your dollar dance, if you're at a wedding.) The train theme compliments this, since most trains only stop when they need to (such as let passengers on and off.) Pete & Edy have been doing DJ work for over 20 years and find The DJ Train is a way to have fun with what is already a great way to entertain folks. The DJ Train consists of two parts. There's a computer that plays the songs, and one where patrons can choose the music.