The South Beach Photo Booth Co

12240 SW 53 Street - Suite 511, Davie, FL

About The South Beach Photo Booth Co

We're Kind Of A Big Deal... Unique Items & Services Many of the items which we provide not only serve as the main event but also as special keepsake for years to come. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technology and constantly pushing the limits of what we can do. Given that philosophy, it means that we are usually exploding with new services and customizations for all of our exceptional work. Our clients fall in love with just how limitless our capabilities are to make their event the most one of a kind. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation... Like many of the services which we provide we know a lot of work has gone into planning your event, and we look forward to being a very special part of it. And in doing so our staff always comes appropriately dressed for every occasion, be it themed or otherwise. In addition to our staff's attire, our studio set ups are always a perfect example of an inviting presence. Professional Staff Our staff isn't just a group of technicians but a team of veteran pros who specialize in every type of our services, practiced to perfection. Their knowledge, patience, sophistication and fun-loving personalities add to the experience with you and your guests. Owned by Pros Over 40 years of combined experience by our pro photographer owners is the backbone to our company. With their constant drive towards, innovation, ultra high quality, and a unique understanding of special events, our owners seek nothing short of a successful event for each one of our clients, every time. Social & Online Galleries Mom always said it's best to share, and that's something that we haven't forgotten. In today's world of social networks and fast downloads, we've taken the best of both and combined them. Giving each one of our clients the opportunity to share all of the fun images and videos which we have the pleasure of creating with them and their guests is at the forefront of services. All eligible images have not one, but two online galleries hosted via our website's high resolution gallery as well as our Facebook fan page, providing easy ways of sharing, reprinting, emailing, or downloading.