Saint Martin's Place

2603 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX

About Saint Martin's Place

What better place for business and personal inspiration than amidst the rich elegance of a historical masterpiece. Built in the early 1900's and Listed in the National Register of Historic Places Saint Martin's Place is a historical home that has been updated to capture the early 20th century character to suit our more contemporary times. Located in the entrance to the South Blvd. Historic District Saint Martin's Place was founded by James Mitchell in 1995 with the restoration of the building being completed in 1999. The building was originally the Friedman Mansion. Dr. Friedman was a noted physician who sold the mansion to the Topletz family in 1923. The Topletz family built their wealth through real estate. The area was the neighborhood of prominent Jewish families such as Stanley Marcus (Neiman Marcus), the Zales family (Zales Jewelry), the Linz family (Linz Jewelry), the Segal family (Segal Liquors), etc. Saint Martin's Place truly is the place for business, friends, and family with our selection of meeting rooms, formal dining areas, and elegant features. We have the perfect setting for weddings, wedding receptions, engagement dinners, formal social events, business meetings and family fatherings. Saint Martin's Place has the distinction of being the host place for senators, governors, congresswomen and men, mayors, entertainers, Hall of Fame Athletes and our most prized clients the people of the community. The best place for Business, Friends, and Family is Saint Martin's Place.

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Saint Matrin's Place
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