LifeAsArt Photography

Dallas, TX

About LifeAsArt Photography

Unique :: Artistic :: Original :: Inspiring ... LifeAsArt Photography was established with Amber Minnerick's vision of adding a modern photojournalistic approach to a traditional art to best capture the emotion and feeling of life's most fleeting moments. Amber and Jeremy are a wife and husband team dedicated to providing the highest quality work to their clients in a very personalized manner. We are artists, photographers, and friends to our clients. If you are a future bride or groom, you will truly appreciate the time and consideration we give to you and your wishes on the biggest day of your lives. While our creative touch is reflected in all of our work, what really makes our photographs stand out is you. We set out every day to bring out the unique relationships and genuine connections we see in our couples. Our photographic goal is to find the beauty in your moment, capture it, and make it you in your images. LifeAsArt is entirely about you; this is about your life. And when you have confidence in your photographers to provide professional pictures that communicate the beauty and sincerity in your love, you have the freedom to become completely involved in your wedding day and enjoy being with the ones you care about most. We feel there are some incredibly important qualities that make us different. This list is certainly not a comprehensive account of what LifeAsArt offers, but without these crucial items, you are left with 99% of wedding photographers that are out there. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. After all, why are you hiring a photographer? We give you pictures, and lots of them. And we do it quickly. You will get every picture we take (though we spare you the closed eyes, and other unwanted bloopers) in color and black & white digital copies, with accompanying print rights for life. We have your online event site available for you and your friends and family to view and order prints within 2 weeks. Your digital copy on a data DVD, with print release to the bride and groom, arrives in your mailbox shortly after. You do not have to wait until your 1 year anniversary to own your wedding pictures. Quality, Variety, and Complete Coverage. We are both personally present at every wedding; we won't send associate photographers in our place. And for nearly every wedding package we provide coverage from the day's preparations until your final farewell. With two photographers you have twice the pictures, twice the creative vision, and nothing is missed. One photographer can't be two places at once, but as a team, we can! Confidence, Creativity, and Knowledge. We can't stress confidence enough. Ten years from now, you will turn to your wedding photographs to relive the day and all of its emotions. You probably won't remember how great the food was, or what songs were played after your first dance. Everyone will rely on your photographers to preserve your smiles, your love, and all of the details that made it so beautiful the first time. We consider ourselves two extremely creative artists, each in our own ways, and well versed in the technical and fundamental aspects of photography. We have studied the field for years, and continue to expand our knowledge at every opportunity.