Protection Resource Group

10736 Jefferson Blvd Suite 608 Culver City, CA
PRG is considered one of the most reliable companies to manage social and political events. In recent years, PRG provided security services and support to exclusive events such as red carpet, fund-raising, conventions, annual events and private parties. Planning a successful event involves complex coordination and preparation. To ensure a well-organized, smooth-running event, security must be given top priority. Protection Resource Group’s experts identify and manage the countless security issues related to the event, such as: event perimeter, access and traffic control, crowd control, security clearance for staff and guests, and VIP security. Our close relationship with law enforcement agencies allows us to coordinate the event’s security from its inception through its conclusion. PRG works closely with the client and the event management staff to develop, plan, and address all security challenges to reduce any existing and potential risks to make certain you keep your guests in a safe and comfortable environment. Our experienced guards have worked with a wide array of high-profile clients; Protection Resource Group has the requisite experience to guarantee a first-rate, successful event.
Upland, CA  
Mia's Martini is one of Southern California's premiere Bartending Service providers. Mia Valenzuela, Owner of Mia's Martini, has developed a love for service and for people that is recognizably unique. Our team shares in this passion; not only offering a set of skills behind the bar, but a love for human connection and a commitment to creating an exceptional experience for people no matter the task, setting, or event. So, why is it we do what we do? We ask ourselves that same question, everyday, and it comes down to this: our work is not just about cocktails, it’s about people. It’s about celebrating. And our team knows what it takes to provide exemplary service: speed, agility, proper know-how, enthusiasm, and authentic connection. We don’t just want to hand over a cocktail, we want to hand you an experience, both in taste and in person. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to celebrating with you and yours!